Roy's handy hoist


Hi Folks! My name is Roy Ferguson. I live in Trenton, a town in northern Missouri, and I'm the designer and owner of Roy’s Handy Hoist. I’d like to tell you the history of how I came up with this amazing tool that’s used for lawn mowers, ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, and other small machinery and equipment.  

 I've been in lawn mower sales for many years and understand the importance of taking good care of a mower so it will last for years. It’s so important to maintain your lawn mower by washing out the deck immediately after each time mowing the grass. Keeping the blades sharpened is also extremely important. This can be very difficult when you have such a heavy mower. So, I designed and built Roy’s Handy Hoist! 


This hoist is proudly MADE IN THE USA. It is made of steel, but only weighs 65 pounds and is STOUT! It is easily moved and will safely lift up to 1,200 pounds of your equipment or machinery. You can raise your equipment up to five feet off the ground with Roy’s Handy Hoist! You don’t need to get on your hands and knees or use a creeper to get under your machinery when using Roy’s Handy Hoist.

The winch used with this hoist is MADE IN THE USA by the Dutton-Lainson Company. This winch is very safe. It will not move unless you crank it up or down! Once you get your machinery lifted off the ground, just turn that crank downward and leave it! No hassle! It stays where you put it. I've been very fortunate to work with this company for years and they've made a few modifications for me on this winch. I am very happy with the results. You will be too! 


I've made and sold over 100 of these hoists right out of my front yard. Some folks drive up to 500 miles to pick one up. I had one guy fly in to pick one up from far away. We loaded it on his personal plane and he took off! Most folks who buy a mower from me also buy a hoist. They realize that it really takes the hassle out of maintaining their mower or other small machinery.

I am so privileged to work with Sweiger Shop out of Weatherby, Missouri, in order to keep up with the demand for Roy’s Handy Hoist. Sweiger Shop has been in business since 1974. When you place your order, Sweiger will fill it and Roy’s Handy Hoist will be shipped directly to you from their location. There is still no middle man involved. This hoist is so cost effective, you can buy your friend one, too!

"Sweiger Shop is very proud to manufacture Roy’s Handy Hoist. We had the opportunity to meet Roy some time ago and were very impressed with, not only his unique and handy design but also his commitment to quality, workmanship, and service." 

~ Doug Sweiger

Roy’s Handy Hoist retails for $395 

To order your Handy Hoist today, please call (816) 449-5582 

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